Frequently Asked Questions about sending campers

For any questions not answered, feel free to contact us!

Check In & Out:

Check-in time starts at 5:00 p.m. on opening day. If you have pre-registered we will still need you to check your child in. Check-out time is 2:00 p.m. on closing day unless noted otherwise.  Whoever picks up your child must sign your child out.


Each year some of our campers will come down with a case of homesickness. This is perfectly natural for children who have not spent much time away from home.  In the event this happens our staff will stay with your child until such a time that they feel better. We will not force any child to stay at our week, but we do encourage them to try and stick it out with us.  If we feel like your child’s well being is not being served by staying we will contact you to seek your advice and allow you to speak with your son or daughter. Then you can make the final decision as to whether they stay or come home.  One way to fight homesickness is with mail, this provides contact with home and lets campers know that you miss them too and will be there on Friday to pick them up.


As Restoration Churches we believe in the essential nature of baptism to the salvation of the believer, as outlined in the book of Acts. During this week of camp some campers will decide they want to follow Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  Should your child wish to do so, we will contact you before any action is taken. If you wish for your child to be baptized we can do so here at camp at any time or we will send word to your home minister for a church baptism.

Severe Weather:

In case of sever weather, all campers will be moved by the faculty to the basement of the camp manager’s home, located at the top of the hill next to the dorms. We will remain in the basement until such a time as the weather has cleared and we can return to our normal activities.


If your camper becomes ill during the week we will administer treatment for small occurrences, such as headache and upset stomach. In any case outside of this, we will contact you for advisement.

What to Bring:

Here is a list of what to bring. Some of the items are not mandatory and are just suggested if you would like to bring them. 

What to Bring:

Here is a list of what to bring. Some of the items are not mandatory and are just suggested if you would like to bring them. 

Bible   Pen    Notebook Flashlight

Bed sheets & Blanket or Sleeping Bag          Pillow

Comb/Brush        Underclothes       Pajamas

Jacket or Sweater  Shoes/Socks    Bag for Dirty Clothes

 Old Shoes for Water Slide     Old Clothes for Water Slide

Towels/Washcloths         Soap/Shampoo    Toothbrush/Toothpaste


Dress Code:

All clothing must be modest and in good taste. No bare midriffs, short shorts, tube-tops, or spaghetti straps are allowed. The dean reserves the right to ask campers to change clothes if he thinks that they are immodest. 

Do Not Bring:

Cell phones, immoral literature, playing cards, video games, guns, knives, fireworks, radios, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or immodest clothing. 

Extra money:

Every camper should bring extra money for sharing in the missionary offerings. T-shirts and other items are available for purchase. Canteen, a week t-shirt and a group picture is included in the tuition. 

Camper Mail:

Everyone wants to know they are missed and have contact with those they are away from. Please take time to send your camper a letter to let them know you are interested in how the week is going. Some parents wish to have their child perform a task before getting their mail; such as saying a memory verse, sing a song or tell a joke. This will only happen at your direction, so please indicate on the back of the letter if you want this to happen.

Mail to:

Camp Calvary 

C/O (Week of Camp) 

(Camper’s Name)  

475 Camp Calvary Lane  

Mackville, KY 40040

Mail will need to be sent by Wednesday to allow time for delivery.